Plastic waste products are omnipresent in today's world and, as a modern industrial nation, we owe it to our environment that these products should be extensively collected and recycled. The Barec Group is also a pioneer is this area and has been collecting plastic waste products from the most diverse sources for many years. The raw materials are sorted, shredded, and pressed into bales according to specific criteria and recycled in a manner suited to their material types.



The most important recycling products in the plastics industry include:

  • Manufacturing and packaging waste products from industry
  • PE and PET bottles, packing foils and containers from wholesale and retail trade.
  • Mixed plastic waste products from collection points
  • Plastic fractions from household appliances and electronic equipment

The recycling of plastics is a relatively new "discipline" and requires extensive technical knowledge about homogeneous separation of materials. - The Barec Group can offer you customised solutions for this as well!