Container systems – Security at your site

Datarec delivers the security containers for the destruction/disposal of documents directly to your site. The standard containers are available with filling volumes of 140, 400 or 800 litres. The container systems have a large insertion slot for all document formats and are protected by a security lock. If requested, they can also be equipped with an individual closure/access device.

Practical to use: Complete files, archive boxes, books, agendas, etc. can be disposed of. Metal parts, paper clips, staples, etc., do NOT need to be removed first. Electronic data carriers (e.g. CD, HDD, diskettes, credit cards, data backup tapes) can also be disposed of in the same security container system. Special shredders are used at the Datarec destruction plant to mechanically crush them and make them unusable.

Datarec works with customers to design and implement individual container solutions for special requirements.