How we work

Datarec's foremost objective is to make the destruction of documents and data carriers as easy and secure as possible for customers. The process in concrete terms:

Datarec provides the customer with special containers for all confidential documents and data carriers. The containers are provided with barcodes and secured in a way that prevents unauthorised access. These containers filled with documents and data carriers intended for destruction are picked up on site. Uniformed Securitas employees transport the confidential materials in special Datarec vehicles (equipped with a black box for location tracking and transport monitoring) to one of the five Datarec security centres.

The documents and data carriers are directly fed to the shredder in the high-security unit, which is continuously monitored by video cameras and recorded, and destroyed in accordance with DIN 66399 requirements. The shredded material, which is no longer recoverable and generally paper or plastic, is then usefully recycled.

In most cases, the destruction of sensitive materials is completed on the day of their pick-up, but no later than within 24 hours. The entire process chain can be documented and tracked at all times in accordance with aspects of modern traceability. Every customer receives a detailed report following the destruction process.