Raiffeisen plays it safe

The "Meili story" from 1997 made it clear how delicate the handling of sensitive data in a major bank can be. Raiffeisen Switzerland has been working together with Datarec in this area for many years.

With almost 1100 branches throughout Switzerland, the bank needs a partner with the necessary size, appropriate expertise and established infrastructure.

The Raiffeisen – Datarec collaboration is regulated by a Swiss-wide frame agreement which up to now has been signed by 80% of Raiffeisen banks. Datarec supplies banks with special security containers for the information carriers intended for destruction (e.g. paper, CD-ROM, DVD, disks). These containers are periodically picked up by Securitas employees, transported by special vehicles and sent to the nearest Datarec processing centre for shredder destruction. The materials to be destroyed are shredded in several stages in accordance with DIN 66399 in a way that makes reconstruction of the material technically impossible.

The entire chain of destruction is of course precisely documented and monitored; barcode on the container, black box in the vehicle, and safety gates and video recording in the destruction facilities are key features of this process.

There are naturally good reasons why pick-up and transport are carried out by uniformed Securitas employees: Datarec is a joint subsidiary of Securitas and the BAREC Group – an association which guarantees the highest level of security and professionalism.